Muog na Buo: Song of the resistance

New People’s Army guerrillas hold a military drill in December 2018. (Photo by Ronalyn V. Olea/ Bulatlat) The Philippine revolution has long baffled political scientists. It emerged in an archipelago dominated by an imperialist power and thrived even after the disintegration of the communist bloc. There’s no socialist rear offering refuge to armed revolutionaries. There’s… Continue reading Muog na Buo: Song of the resistance

People’s history

Protesters raise their clenched fists as Coritha sings ‘Bayan ko’ suring the Million People March in October 2013. (Photo by J. Ellao / The official history of what happened in the recent past will be written soon and this should not be left in the hands of professional apologists of the status quo. Those… Continue reading People’s history